What happens if I’m not in when my supermarket order arrives?

If you order chilled goods, we strongly recommend having someone available at your home to accept the delivery - just to make sure everything arrives safely! Don't worry, if you're not going to be in, there are still plenty of options.


If you're not going in, you can respond to your time slot text from DPD to arrange for your order to be left in a safe place, or delivered to a neighbour. You can also update a safe place or delivery instructions using their handy app!

Please note: if no one is in to accept the delivery, and you haven't updated DPD with a safe place, your safe place is inaccessible, or your neighbour doesn't accept the delivery, the driver will not take your parcel back to the depot. DPD will not attempt redelivery of chilled goods, so the driver will leave your parcel in the safest place they can see, even if it's publicly accessible. 

If you're not in to receive the delivery, and DPD are unable to leave your parcel in a safe place or with a neighbour, and there's no where for the driver to leave your parcel, then your order will be returned to the depot and destroyed :( so we strongly advise to keep DPD updated while your order is in transit.

Royal Mail 

If you choose a Royal Mail delivery option, and you're not in when your postie attempts delivery, they'll leave you a wee red card. You'll then be able to organise redelivery or pick it up from your local depot!

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