Two payments were taken, but I only ordered one box!

When you sign up to our boxes, we always offer our customers the chance of starting their subscription straight away, or waiting until the 1st of the following month to get their first box. We know that our customers are often so excited to get their goodies that they'll choose the 'start straight away' option. When you do this, we do say on the subscription box confirmation page that if it's near the end of the month, and you start your subscription now, you will receive two debits and two boxes close together, as you are then falling in line with our normal monthly billing process :) If we didn't work it that way, then our subscribers would end up missing out on the following month's box and no one wants that!

For information, below are the details that were on the confirmation screen:

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to start your subscription now, the payment for your first box will be taken immediately, and the payment for your next box will be taken on the 1st of the very next month so you can fall in line with our standard billing cycle. If it’s currently near the end of the month and you start now, you may receive two debits and two different lifestyle boxes close together. All the more vegan goodies to try, yay!

I hope this helps clear up why you had two debits so close together, we just wanted to explain our processes so that you understand that it wasn't an error - it's just the way our system works if you choose to start your subscription straight away, close to the end of the month :)

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